Understanding the Length of a Dissertation

Every university on this planet we live in needs its students to write essays. The roles of writing a dissertation are almost the same in all universities. Writing a dissertation is one of the most important things that you will do in your academic life. Just having the thought of doing or writing dissertations at the end of your semester is something that scares most students.

How long is a dissertation?

Ph.D. dissertations lengths are one of the most asked questions. It is because students want to be sure of what they are answering. Someone can also ask how long a bachelor’s or masters’ thesis should be? 

As you being a student who is going to graduate, you must have finished your coursework and other requirements before you can think of researching and doing a dissertation. You need to know that no rule guides one to write a particular number of words for the dissertation. The number of words that you need for the dissertation depends on the university that you are from. In case you do not know the number of words you need, ask your lecturer for guidance.

However, there is no specific number of words that you need. When you follow the number of words for your essay, it doesn’t mean that you get the marks you need. But the university determines the number of words that you are to write for your dissertation. 

Where to look for the answer?

You have to visit your library and check for the manual about the template of the dissertation. That is when you will know the range of the word count that you need for the dissertation. There are times when you will forget to refer to the manual. When are you going through the book? It may not suggest the page number or the range of pages you are to write your articles.

After you have finished going through the templates, the next part is to begin the research. At this step, you can review various dissertations by the people who have done it before. Make your check for the world the department has accepted. The best kind of review would be the ones that your dissertation committee chaired. 

When do you look at about five dissertations that your committee reviewed? Then you will have an idea of what to do when making yours. You will know how to approach the dissertation and how you do your assignments. 

Now there are very many ways in which you can determine how long your dissertation will be. When you begin by putting a balance, the instructors will think that you have written a dissertation that is not finished if you write a short dissertation. And if you write a very long essay, your instructors will not have fun reading the dissertation.

Most universities have no minimum number of words that you must include in your dissertation. The reason for this is because most universities have different settings. Each university has its way of assignments. Some may give you a limit of 80,000 words, while other universities will decide for you to write 100,000 words. 

The thing that students should focus on is the defense of the paper. They should not focus on the length of the dissertation.


Whether long or short, what you have to keep in mind is you must pass the point across to your audience. It should be clear and concise.

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